Solar Power Plant in India Introduction:

Solar Power Plant in IndiaSolar power plants are described as huge arrays of solar modules/Solar panels installed at desired site to generate electricity from the sunlight to run the electrical or electronics devices.  It is the easy way to generate electricity without any running cost and there is negligible maintenance required to run it.

Why to choose Solar Power Plant in India?

Solar power plants need sunlight to generate electricity. Fortunately India has high sunny days compared to the other countries. India gets more sunlight to generate more power from solar power plants. Please note that India is the enrich place in the world to build the solar based PV power plants.

Types & Size of Solar power plants in India:

Solar power plants come in various types and sizes depending upon the requirements of power generation. The size of it will be small if it is required for domestic use and the size will be larger if it is required for commercial or industrial purposes.

We offer solar power plants starting from 1 kilowatt to the desired or required size in kilowatts as per the applicable use by the customer or consumer. Solar power plants can be used directly or through battery bank. We offer solar power plants in three categories:

1. Domestic
2. Commercial
3. Industrial

Types & Size of Solar power plants in India:

1. Off grid
2. On grid

Advantages of Solar power plants in India:

1. A reliable source of energy:

They are the reliable sources of energy and power generation. Once installed, they can produce lots of power and electricity for a long period of time without any fuel. They use sunlight to generate power and the sunlight will be available to us for billions or trillions of years.

2. Long Life:

Solar power plants have very long expected life and they can be used for 25 years after the one-time cost and installation.

3. Low maintenance:

They require very much less maintenance and they continue to generate more power without any huge expenses or hassle. One simple example of low maintenance is that only one skilled person can handle the maintenance operation of 1 Megawatt solar power plant in India.

4. Multiple Applications:

Solar power plants can be used to for various applications like power supplies for indoor and outdoor electronic devices and electrical appliances used. Every type of power need can be fulfilled by using solar power plants in India.

5. Flexible setup:

The capacity of solar power plants in India can be enhanced anytime and power generation can be grown by installing more solar panels/solar modules.

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