Solar Home Lighting Systems

Solar home light systems are very much easy to use. This is very much compact system and it is used to illuminate light at night. Solar home light system uses sun rays to charge or store electricity into the battery attached with it. After charging the solar home light use stored battery power to illuminate lights.

Solar home light system does not use any fuel and is does not pollute air and environment. We provide standard quality of solar home lighting systems and they are 100% genuine & trustworthy. We install the most powerful battery that has a high storage capacity and low energy loss. It performs for a longer period of time and requires low maintenance cost. It is easy to install and a normal man can do it in the best possible way.


Types of Solar Home Lighting System

1. Ready-made Solar Home Light Systems

1. Ready made Solar Home Light Systems

These types of solar home light systems are packed in a box that includes battery, switches, indicators, light and fan ports, fuse and other components required to supply both types of electricity Alternating Current (AC) & Direct Current (DC). These systems are ready to use and no installation is required to use them. Just plug & play.

1. Customized Solar Home Light Systems

2. Customized Solar Home Light Systems

These types of solar home lighting systems are customized with various components individually. They are installed manually by connecting Solar panel, Solar charge controller, Lead acid battery, DC lights, DC fans and wires etc. These systems can be designed as per the requirements of the customers. Generally these systems run only DC based equipments. But any one can use DC to AC converter to run the AC based equipments. Unlike ready-made home light systems customized home light systems are not easy to carry anywhere.

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