EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement & Construction. Ingenious Solar Power Energies provides innovative solutions in the renewable energy sector, focusing on solar power. Ingenious, in association with XL Energies, has the necessary technology and extensive experience with installing solar power plants in India. We offer complete solar EPC solutions for our clients.

Why Ingenious ?

Our approach is to develop a system that will provide the best quality with the most power production for the investment. Our creative experienced engineering and construction team will assess the details of site before designing a system that specifically fits the location and conditions of the area. This will ensure that the system proposed will perform at its optimal performance.


  • Suitability and estimation of production
  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Conduct geological and topographical studies
  • Execute civil works design
  • Mechanical design and specs definition
  • Electrical LV/ HV design and specs definition
  • Grid connection design and specs definition


  • Qualified vendors portfolio
  • Invite for quotation
  • Supplier selection
  • Quality supervision and inspection at supplier facilities
  • Deliveries follow up


  • Project management
  • Planning and schedules/follow up
  • Co-ordination with customers
  • Quality contractor assurance


  • Qualified commissioning expertise
  • Document and drawing of the executed project
  • Detailed quality review
  • Project commissioning
  • Project handover to owner

Operation & Maintenance

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance services for solar plants
  • Operates and maintains solar power plants in India
  • Offers monthly reporting on generation and activities
  • Project commissioning
  • Developed mechanism to retrieve and manage generation data

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